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Hail Damage

If there’s one thing we know about here in Green Country, it’s crazy weather. We have to deal with wind, hail, tornadoes and more. When we do receive hail damage, most of us just think about what that does to a roof or the car. What’s often not discussed is what hail damage can do to paint and protective surfaces.

Paint is often thought of as a cosmetic feature. While it does make homes and buildings look great, paint is a layer of protection between the elements and the wood siding, trim, and other components of your home or other building. Hail damage to paint that is left unaddressed can lead to much needed and expensive repairs down the road.

Hail damage to your exterior paint has some tell-tale signs:

Dings or Dents: Just like your car, hail can leave behind signs of indentions on the walls. This lets you know that damage has been done and an assessment may be needed.

Cracks or Chips: That layer of protection has been broken. This is a sign that you need both an assessment and a plan to correct this damage.

It’s important to understand that sometimes a professional is needed to identify hail damage and assess the needs of your home or business.

Give us a call at Primetime Painters to assess your home or business. Our experts will look at the areas of the exterior that are hard to reach and come up with a plan for you.

We hope you stay weather aware this year, and if hail does wreak havoc on you, that you give us a call.