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It’s a huge decision. When is it time to paint the exterior of our home or business?

It’s a question we get all the time. We wanted to give you a checklist of when an exterior paint is needed or should be considered:

Peeling and Chipping. Take a walk around your home or business. There’s two trouble areas to investigate. First, any window sill or trim is a great place to look for chipping and peeling. This is often one of the very first places to catch a warning sign that it’s time.

Secondly, any side boards are a great target area. As your home and paint ages, you can often spot small pieces of paint hanging along the bottom edges. That is a surefire sign that it is time to consider calling Primetime Painting.
Loss of Bright Color: Remember when your house was the brightest and boldest on the street? Remember when your business looked brand new?

After 5 years, even some of the best exterior paints start to lose a bit of the original color. Expect the sides of your home or business that get the most sun to be the first to lose the color. Depending on how important keeping the original color is to you, it could be time to call in the pros for a fresh coat.
Edge Cracking: Edges are always a weak point on a building. Those not familiar with exterior painting may not even realize that professional painters fill cracks with caulking before an exterior is painted. While caulking is useful and great, it doesn’t last forever. When it goes, you’ll visually see a crack along borders and edges. These cracks can lead to water damage and are important to get sealed back up and painted